Face-Off: Bioderma vs Garnier Micellar Cleansing water!

I must have gone through what must be my 3rd or 4th bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water, and for good reason. It’s been loved and celebrated by Makeup artists and beauty lovers worldwide over the past few years and I am no exception. The only catch? Bioderma does seem a wee bit pricey, if you were to compare it to other regular drugstore brands which can be half or even one-third of the price of Bioderma.

In this case, you get what you pay for. I’ve learnt many a hard lesson when I’ve tried several other drugstore brands, most of which broke me out in sensitive-skin rashes or irritated my sensitive eyes and left a stinging sensation. The search for a Holy Grail makeup remover was frustrating and I was about to throw in the towel when I finally decided to give Bioderma a go. I did, and I never looked back.

Recently, I heard that there was a dupe for Bioderma, and that is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water and I gave it a try. To my disappointment, Garnier’s Micellar water stung my sensitive eyes, even though it did remove my face and waterproof eye makeup fairly easily. I will use this to remove my facial makeup until I finish the whole bottle, and then it will be tossed. I am going to stick with Bioderma as my go-to wipe-off makeup remover.

Comparison time!

Price/value for money: Garnier is cheaper than Bioderma, at about half the price. A 400ml Garnier costs about SGD 20, whereas a 500ml Bioderma costs about SGD 40.

Effectiveness: Both can remove your facial and waterproof eye makeup easily.

For sensitive skin: Bioderma is a lot more gentle on my eyes when I remove my waterproof eye makeup. Garnier stung my eyes! I was so disappointed by this.

Overall: Bioderma is more pricey than Garnier, but I will stick with Bioderma because it is effective and doesn’t sting my eyes. Garnier is effective and a good alternative, if not for the issue of it stinging my eyes.

If you don’t have sensitive eyes, go for Garnier. Otherwise, I would recommend that you stick with Bioderma. Tried and tested : ) !

Disclaimer: Both items were purchased by me.

Til next time,